Sports Science

Helping Athletes to Maximise Performance


The “Sport Science Laboratory” is a pioneering laboratory in the field of sport science in Cyprus. Our aim is to help athletes of any level to establish their goals, develop new skills, reduce the chances of injury, correct their technique, consult for correct supplementation, discover their talent and generally have a healthy life along being champions.


The athlete is examined in every aspect: in micro-molecular level (DNA), cellular level (blood and urine tests), physiological level (ergospyrometry, biomechanics, nutritional status) and psychological level in order consult the athlete accurately according their needs and goals. Further to this "fighting doping towards fair game" remains our main vision.


Furthermore, we analyze each athlete in all aspects and compare the results with an extensive database that concerns results from Cyprus, Greece and other countries. The knowledge, the experience, the science, the analyses, the statistics, the numbers are the parameters that will lead you to success.


The ticket to your future.


The BHSDiagnostics Group