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Anti Ageing

Scientific Approach to Anti-Ageing


At Biomedical Health and Sport Diagnostics we adopted a genetic approach to drastically delay the onset and the process of aging and provide longevity with significantly improved life quality. Knowledge of your genetic profile is absolutely essential in order to take the appropriate preventive measures and the right corrective actions so that you will preserve your health and beauty.


Studies have shown that the environment, lifestyle and nutrition are three of the most important factors that affect the way your skin ages. To prevent and to stop age related diseases we offer our clients’ measurements of free radicals and anti-oxidants for correct anti-oxidant supplementation, a method applied for the first time in Cyprus.

Further Specialized Tests:

        • 6 genes
        • Checking for (Predisposition for Inflammations/Anti-oxidative ability of the body (removal of free-radicals that cause aging)/ Skin replenishment/ Detoxification ability)
        • Anti-aging facial creams, Diet and Supplements customized to your genes
        • Personal contact and Continuous support
        • Detailed analysis of the results from a Genetic Counselor
        • Progress monitoring using specialized biomedical tests


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