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Medical Laboratory: The Medical Laboratory is covering every aspect in the field of clinical tests. Hematology, endocrinology, biochemistry, cancer markers are part of the tests that are covered.The “Tymvios Lab Check Up” is designed to cover up to 150 deferent diseases according to our 32 years experience in the field. Our theory is that we would rather prevent the development of a disease rather than curing it after it has been developed.


Sport Science: The Sport Science Laboratory covers both physiological and biochemical aspects of sports. The athletes are checked for biochemical abnormalities in terms of vitamins, oxidative stress, hormones, overtraining syndrome and muscular injuries. Furthermore, the Lab is using state of the art equipment to measure VO2max (ergospirometer Schiller), muscle abnormalities (Cybex), jump tests (Optojump), lactic acid  etc


Anti – ageing: BHS Diagnostics is the only laboratory in Cyprus that covers the field of anti-ageing or healthy ageing if you prefer. Oxidative stress is one of the major reasons that we age. We are the only laboratory in Cyprus that can test for many anti-oxidant enzymes, damage due to oxidative stress and the predisposition to develop diseases related to the old age like: Cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer, cataract, muscle waste, etc


DNA tests: BHS Diagnostics is collaborating with the only reliable and accredited company in Greece (Biogenomica) in order to analyze DNA samples for medical and life styling reasons. We have designed and patterned test for: General Medical Health, Athletic Performance, Dieting and Anti-ageing. A specialized genetic councelor will analyze and explain in every detail the results. Follow up and consultation is one of our major services